Course Overview

This brief course guides learners through self-reflection on their social identities, the values embedded in those identities, how those identities influence our lives, and the socialization that has shaped us. Learners further explore positionality, privilege, agency to cultivate change, and triggers in anti-oppression discourse.

Thank you for embracing this opportunity for reflection and growth!

Through this course you will...

  1. Increase critical consciousness of your own identities, socialization, and privilege
  2. Identify their positionality, agency and triggers in life, work and racial discourse
  3. Develop broader and more nuanced perspective for practicing inclusion

The complete course package includes...

  • 25 minute lecture guiding you through self-reflection on your identities and socialization
  • Reflection worksheet to explore positionality, agency & triggers for download
  • Actionable steps you can take to increase inclusion


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